Important Information! Please read!

IMPORTANT! Please read these warnings!

  1. This calculator currently only uses actual body weight. Some drugs may be dosed by ideal or adjusted body weight.
  2. If a loading dose is shown, it does NOT mean it should be given in all cases.
  3. Likewise, all infusion and concentration ranges may not be representative of your institution.
  4. If you encounter ANY bug / error, please write an iTunes review or comment onĀ  this website. It would be much appreciated!
  5. When a drug is updated, it will automatically be reset to defaults on your main drug list only. You will need to delete and re-add the drug in your drug lists.
  6. Much effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the calculations. However, given the complexity of this app, errors are not out of the question. Please always make sure the doses are reasonable by double-checking and looking them up in a reputable reference.

Editing / Adding New Drugs

In order to edit or add an infusion, you will need to specify a titration interval. The titration interval is basically the difference between two adjacent numbers on the calculator wheel / spinner.

It is very important that you double check the values for any edits or new drug.

The Calculator

From the calculator, you can adjust infusion rates and concentrations. As you adjust these values, you can see the rates and infusion durations change.

Next to the “Bags (duration)” title, you will see the commonly used diluents for the drug. Currently, only D5W and NS are available.

If you see an “info” icon on the upper-right of the calculator, this means a drug summary is available! Click on it to see a drug summary, more to come soon!



Save Settings – Useful feature!

You will be using the Save Settings button often – make sure you know what it does! When you save your settings, all the important values and units on the calculator will be saved for each time you open the calculator. Your values and units will also be shown on the drug lists.

If you ever mess up your settings, just press Restore Defaults and you’re good to go!