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  1. I am very leery of using an app for patient care that is not sound or has a “black box warning”. when you are dealing with a persons life you can’t have a calculator that “might not work” and might have “bugs” that are not worked out. that’s just not safe medical practice. if you have to second guess any calculator why use it? especially if a persons life is on the line…. Life saving drugs can help a person but when used inappropriately they can kill…

    • Hey Paul,

      I hope you’re doing well.

      I am sorry for the delayed response and understand your concern about the warning on the app. Unfortunately, my warning reflects the reality of drug information and computer software in general:

      1) The information in the app may become outdated without my knowledge.
      2) The drug guide is very brief and may not include all the pertinent information.
      3) Coding such a calculator to deal with multiple units is not easy, and simply missing a few characters in the 2000+ lines of code may cause a discrepancy in the calculation. As I am the sole programmer, it’s impossible for me to guarantee the calculations. However, I do try my best to catch any bugs and errors.

      Those are a few reasons why I include the warning for my app. If you look closely at the legal information for drug databases and books, even they have such warnings / disclaimers. As always, you should use your clinical judgment.

      Thank you for your input!

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