Editing / Adding New Drugs

In order to edit or add an infusion, you will need to specify a titration interval. The titration interval is basically the difference between two adjacent numbers on the calculator wheel / spinner.

It is very important that you double check the values for any edits or new drug.

2 thoughts on “Editing / Adding New Drugs

  1. Hi Long,
    Is there any way that you can add Precedex to the drug database? I’ve tried to do it manually, but precedex is dosed by mcg/kg/hour, and I don’t seem to be able to change it from mcg/kg/min to mcg/kg/hour.

    • Hey Bill,

      Thanks for your comment. Precedex is actually included in the preloaded drugs (under the generic name: dexmedetomidine).

      As for creating a drug like Precedex, you can change the infusion rate units when you go to “Add Drug.” To do this, simply click on the button containing the units. I just checked, and it’s possible to change the units to “mcg/kg/hr.” However, when you have already created a drug, you won’t be able to change the units by going to “Edit.” You’ll have to change the units inside the calculator, save your settings, and then go to “Edit.” I know this seems complicated, but I designed it to be this way to reduce errors relating to using the wrong units. It is rare to change the infusion rate units after creating a drug.

      I hope this helps and thanks again,

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